No teenager of this century is ignorant to the joy of cycling. In addition to the exaggerated contact with the natural flow of wind and sunlight, cycling is an effective exercise to get rid of body fat. For our Lenten experience of carbon fast a more favorable outcome of using a bicycle is that it decreases our carbon footprint.

Many cities across the globe promote cycling as an environment friendly transport option. In addition to this cycling is dubbed a ‘freedom machine’ for women across the world. But what makes cycling more favorable is the fact that it saves a lot of expenses.

Therefore, this Lent we can carbon-fast by doing the following things:

  • Ride cycles to short distances rather than taking automobiles.
  • Encourage your children to spend some time of the day cycling.
  • Ask them to use the cycle to commute to their tuitions or schools if possible.
  • Car pool whenever possible. If the traveling distance is longer, car pool with friends, colleagues and family.

But it is more important to spread the message of carbon fasting to other especially children. School-going children must be encouraged to ride bicycles to school and in this manner, developing a liking for it among them. By adopting cycling into our lives we can help ourselves live a better life, reduce our expenses and thus play our part in the betterment of the environment.


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