From time unknown and long ago,
Man has been killing another,
It need not be necessary who that be,
His mother, father or brother.

But when did he become so cruel?
How wicked and ruthless his heart has grown,
That he won’t have mercy even on a child,
A child that is yet to be born.

Has he ever seen the face of a child?
A child just born, so frail and weak.
With tiny hands twitching and eyes tightly shut,
And looks so tender, mild and meek.

How could he do this to such an innocent child?
Who knows nothing about this very place.
How could he offend such a cute little babe?
The very symbol of innocence and grace.

Who would have understood that child’s feelings?
Or respond to its silent plea.
Just try to imagine how terrible it’d be,
If in that place had been you and me.

Listen to me, Oh you big murderer,
Killing your very own son or daughter,
For there’s one guy whose watching your deeds,
Who’ll avenge for this very bloody slaughter.


From Joel Chacko