Carbon footprint is an indicator of the amount of carbon dioxide released by an individual due to their daily energy consumption. This means that everything we consume; electricity, food, transportation, makes a difference to the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Electronic gadgets have become indispensable to our existence. However, they inevitably contribute to the accumulation of the polluting greenhouse gas. Ergo, it is wiser to reduce their usage.

Now comes the question, how can we regulate their usage if it is so indispensable? True. Gadgets like mobile phones provide information, entertainment, education , all from the one gadget. For this reason, here are certain steps that does not require one to stop their usage, but to use them wisely to help decrease one’s carbon footprint:

  • Unplug chargers whenever not in use. Anything that works on an adapter, or  remote, sucks charge even when not in use.
  • Switch from a desktop to laptop. Not only is the latter more convenient, but it is 80% more energy efficient.
  • Defrost the freezer of your refrigerator regularly.
  • Run the laundry only when it is full.
  • Watch television together in the family, while having dinner or other family gatherings.

By following these steps we would be able to regulate individual carbon footprint.


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