Cultural heroes and nature lovers have been unable to weep since the post mortem report revealed that the sloppy forest elephant was pregnant when she was killed with bursting explosives in Kerala. The actors of today’s movie are crying. Athletes sit in the gallery, counting the scoreboards they receive for their cries. These crying plays can only be called “hypocrisy.”

Cruelty to animals is condemned. Those who commit such crimes should be brought before the law. But we must recognize the hypocrisy behind the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of human lives in the wombs of their mothers, who do not have even a single finger.

According to the International Pro-life Organization, Human Life International, an estimated 1.56 billion babies are getting abortions every year in India alone. Earlier this year, members of the Union Cabinet that approved the abortion bill, which extended the abortion period from 20 weeks to 24 weeks, are crying today. Cultural heroes who did not speak up when the bill was passed by the Lok Sabha are now busy screaming at the memory of an elephant. How strange our world is.

Every human being is created in God’s own image. A baby is God’s greatest gift to his family, nation, and world. How can a country, without its ability to protect the unborn, care for its people? Where in the world would he be safe if a baby wasn’t safe in his mother’s womb? So first of all we have to cry for the human lives that are being killed every day. Then the elephant could cry.

“God alone is the Lord of life and death. Even my” life is not mine. Every child has the right to live from the moment of conception. One of the noblest missions is that when a nation abstains from this responsibility, it undermines the basis of rule of law ”(Youcat 383).


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