Saint Anthony was born in Portugal. At the age of fifteen, he joined the Augustinian monastery of Saoviez in Lisbon. When the news of the Franciscan martyrdom in Morocco reached the ears of the Saint, he joined the Franciscan Ashram in Coimbatore. Following the Holy See’s request, the church authorities sent him to Morocco for a missionary service, but he was forced to return to the United States only because he was sick. On his return, the ship he sailed to and from Sicily returned to Sicily. This is how Saint Anthony entered Sicily.

In 1221 the saint participated in the celebration of the celebrated Mats, led by St. Francis of Assisi, and was sent to the province of Romagna of the Franciscan Church. Incidentally, St. Anthony’s became an evangelist. Once the preacher did not arrive to preach at a ceremony, the saint’s superior asked the saint to come up to the pulpit and preach. Anthony’s preaching and scholarship attracted everyone, and so the saint was commissioned to preach the gospel throughout northern Italy. The saint was known as the “anti-semitic hammer” because he was so successful in converting heresies. In the meantime, with the saint’s deep scholarship, Saint Francis appointed Anthony as a theological teacher.

Saint Anthony of Padua was an evangelist who drew great crowds. If the saint arrived in a city, people would pay their bills, and the people would stay in the temple all night to attend the saint’s events; The saint was such an influential preacher in the minds of the people. The saint himself had a special connection with the city of Padua because the place of the saint and the center of evangelism was Padua.

After several series of repentant preaching in 1231, the saint’s power waned, and he began to live alone in Camposanpiero. But soon the saint had to return to Padua. But the saint could not reach Padua, and the weary Anthony was brought to the monastery of the Poor Clara of Arcella. There the saint slept with the Lord. The saint was then 36 years old. The whole city of Padua mourned the end of the saint. Within a year after his death, Anthony was proclaimed saint, and in 1946, Pius XIII recognized the saint as the church’s patron saint.

Saint Anthony of Padua is one of the most famous saints in the church. Saint Anthony is the mediator of all things missing. In Brazil the saint is considered a general of the army; The saint is also considered as the mediator of the poor. Moreover, Saint Anthony is regarded as a great miracle worker from the moment he died.


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