Today, the twenty-second day of the Extraordinary Month of Mission begins with the dedication to all the priests and religious of our diocese. In accord with the Pontiff’s observance of the Extraordinary Month of Mission, the Diocese of Kalyan intends to pay for the head of the diocese, His Excellency Bishop Mar Thomas Elavanal and his priests and religious, who serve the faithful community tirelessly. It is these priests and religious, who guard the spirituality of the Diocese of Kalyan. Without them, the church is bound to break off in adverse times and unprecedented danger. The priests and the religious, led by the Bishop, maintain the ethics and values of the faithful in their day to day life. Therefore, every priest, religious and our bishop himself, is a missionary, striving hard to render selfless service for the chosen people of God. In present times, we witness the celibate indulging in activities for the non-faithful community as well for their welfare and upliftment without expecting acceptance or rewards. In all aspects of their lives, they are proving to be ideal missionaries working in the limitations of their own geography.
Let us pray for all of our beloved priests and religious who have a special place in our lives, and especially his grace, our beloved bishop, Mar Thomas Elavanal.


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