Human beings have been using natural resources since time immemorial to assist them in their daily chores. Fire provided heat and energy to cook food. Wooden and mud utensils kept water cold, the wheel assisted in transportation. With the advent of technology a need was “created” for electrical appliances. Over the years due to technological advancement we’ve been accustomed to having a quick solution to all our needs. What we forget is that the energy we consume today are derived from natural resources – and the same may not be available for our next generation at all!

Therefore, this lent we can resolve to get closer to Mother Nature by sustainably consuming Earths natural resources. This can be done by taking efforts to avoid the use of electricity when a green alternative is available. So steps to utilize natural resources are:

  • Rearranging furniture at home to reduce consumption of air conditioning and fans by letting in more wind and sunlight.
  • Dry clothes in the sunlight whenever possible. Use the washing machine only when it is full.
  • Segregate waste so that recycling waste becomes easier.
  • Do not use more electricity than what is required. Avoid the use of tube-lights & bulbs during daytime.
  • Do not promote use of plastic covers this Lent. Instead switch over to paper or cloth bags.
  • Stop buying canned food and thus reduce the amount of packaging waste it produces.
  • Buy organic food and vegetables at a local farmer’s market.

Above all, it is imperative to expose children to the wonders of using natural alternatives and educate them on the difference it can make.



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