The tenth national youth convention of ICYM, going on at Manglore, stressed on the role of youth to help in making the nation a super power. Panel discussion on “Entrepreneurial Leadership’ has motivated the youth with the idea of taking risk for a better future. The panellist included Dr. Jacob Crasta, founder of CM Envirosystems Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Alan D’Souza of Vavia Technologies Pvt. Ltd., and Mr. Vernon Mathias of Vel-Vin Packaging (P) Ltd.

The three panellist, being renowned entrepreneurs from the Catholic community, stressed that faith in God and ethical policies in life with passion can lead a human to be successful. Dr. Jacob spoke on the changing business policies and laws which make starting and liquidating business easy, he also said that no business can be run until you have a unique idea and fire in your belly to make that idea a reality. Mr. Alan shared his success story which gave an important message to the youth that “every joyride comes to an end, but it is only after the ride ends that you can enjoy the next ride.” Starting with small projects like managing college fests helps you to understand your strengths and weaknesses which can be applied to business. Mr. Vernon, who took over his family business, spoke on the importance of Christian ethics while running a business and that only such ethics help you stand in the business in the long run.

The panel discussion had a perfect blend of entrepreneurship development while upholding Christian values of integrity, trust and fellowship. While the discussion was helpful to solve doubts of various delegates attending the convention, one of the panellist mentioned, “the greatest joy of being an entrepreneur comes when you realise that you support 100’s of families of your employees”, which was rightly supported by others.


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