It was a special experience for the participants of the 10th National Youth Convention, when Dr. Varghese Chakkalakkal, Bishop of Calicut Diocese, highlighted the importance of having a conservation with nature through explaining the encyclical of Pope Francis, Laudato Si. Recalling the interest of Pope Francis, to live a life loving the nature, Bishop instigated the youth to make it as the motto of every youth and of every person.

Bishop Chakkalakkal started the session with a video on the theme of love your earth. He highlighted on some of the grave problems faced by our earth like climate change, domination of poor nations by the rich, abortion, water pollution etc.  Technology has taken over human wisdom and people’s reliance on their own thinking capacity has reduced. Therefore, he urged the youth to look up from these technological gadgets and see people, make friends, make networks and use it for developmental purposes.

Another important topic covered by him was that population control is no solution to the increasing problems of earth. Instead human resources are a gift of God to humanity. He is the creator of all things. That is why all things are beautiful. And it is our responsibility to love what God has created. This is the basis of the principal of Laudato Si.  The session concluded with the message that, God is the creator of all things and we do not have domination over anything. But as we ourselves are also created by God, we share a bond of stewardship with others.


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