“Let there be Light” – God our Father didn’t want his creation to be immersed in a pool of darkness. Darkness is universally an indicator or something negative and evil. Lighting a candle thus symbolizes the victory of light over darkness. Likewise, can we, this Holy Week, try to be a burning candle in the life of someone who is in darkness?

This darkness can be ignorance, arrogance, selfishness, lack of concern, lack of knowledge. Can we try and be an example of goodness and love and bring the other person closer to this? We should be patient with such people who live in darkness and try and pull them out of it and closer to the light. If a person is being ignorant, we should patiently educate him. If a person is being unrealistically arrogant, we should forgive him and show him the truth. If a person is being selfish, we should be understanding & selfless and set an example for him.

This Holy Week let us make it a point to be the light and shine on those who are in darkness. Let us try to brighten their life with the truth or at least show them the right path.


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