We live in times of great water shortages and droughts. Last year the region of Marathwada faced a drought and we all know the amount of suffering and deaths it caused. People like us in the city fail to realize the gravity of the water crisis even though some parts of the city itself faces severe water shortages. This lent let us make a conscious effort to save water in the following ways —

  • Have a bucket bath instead of a shower. This will not only save water but will also help us to not spend much time during showering.
  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. It makes you more conscious of the amount of water you are using and ensures that no drop of water goes waste.
  • Recycle waste water from the kitchen which you used for boiling vegetables/ boiling rice, by letting it cool to room temperature & use it to water plants or vegetable garden instead of wasting it in the sink.
  • Wash your veggies and fruits in a bucket filled with water and not under a running tap. Also reuse the same to water the plants.
  • Fix the smallest of leaks whether it is a leaking pipe in the house or in the neighborhood.

These steps are very general and commons things that we know of, however most of us still don’t practice it. This Lenten season, let us all make conscious efforts to monitor our each activity and find ways in which we can conserve water.


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