Water is the most important constituent of Mother Nature. It is something so precious that without water life can cease to exist. This significance of water is the reason why during the days of Lent we looked at how it can be preserved and saved. Another striking feature of the property of water is that it can be poured from one vessel to another – it can fill a vessel that is empty.

Likewise, can we, this Lenten season, be like water – pour out all our values learnt into those people who are empty or rather low on good teachings? Over the years, we have learnt a lot of good values, morals and lessons from our parents, school, church etc. we are privileged individuals to have such opportunities in life. However, there are many people who have not been so opportune in life. Can we try and make all our knowledge be of use to them?

Like water can fill one vessel after the other, can we try to emulate the same property by filling the lives of those people who are void of the knowledge required for our salvation – the knowledge of Jesus.


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