A seed is a symbolic representation of the beginning – birth. It is from the seed that all plants are formed – from gigantic trees to beautiful flowering bushes. During the course of this Lenten season we have seen through many articles and videos, how planting of trees and afforestation is an important step to be taken towards saving the earth. So, for the Holy Week, why don’t we look at the spiritual connotation of the same?

Consider this seed to be a symbolic representation of The Holy Bible. It is only when we plant the Bible in our life, and emulate its teachings that we can truly save ourselves. Planting the Bible in our hearts is thus the first step towards our Salvation. A seed is considered to be the start of something majestic and beautiful. However simply planting a seed is not enough. We need to tend to it regularly, water it daily – it is only then that it will come to life. In the same way, the bible that is sowed into our lives by our family and church needs to be read daily by us. Making the bible a part of our life is like making Jesus himself a part of our life.

It can be assured that, this seed – The Holy Bible, if properly tended to by us, will yield beautiful fruits – Our lives will become more meaningful !


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