Palm Sunday, is a day of celebration. A day when people wholeheartedly welcomed Jesus into the city of Jerusalem. The first thought that comes to our mind when we think of “Palm Sunday” is the green coconut leaves. In the Bible, it is said that people welcomed Jesus into the city of Jerusalem by waving the green coconut leaves and placing them on the ground. Palm Sunday reminds us of how green leaves and branches were used to welcome the Son of God into our midst.  So, this greenery is a symbolic representation of welcoming Jesus.

During the Holy Week, can we too welcome Jesus into our life, not just by celebrating the Palm Sunday mass, but through the sacrament of Confession? During these days of the Holy Week can we too cleanse our hearts through the sacrament of Confession and welcome Jesus into our lives? Let us “go green” in the true sense and not only purify our way of living but also our hearts, and welcome Jesus.


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