“Goa has historically attracted missionaries and spiritual leaders who have left a distinct impression on the state’s culture”, Governor Mridula Sinha noted in her message to the coastal state’s people a day ahead of the Goa Statehood Day. Mridula Sinha also appreciated all the missionaries and spiritual leaders for their contribution to Goa’s culture.

As reported by Business Standard, Mrs. Sinha remarked that “Goa attracted spiritual leaders and missionaries, which left a distinct impression on various aspects of Goa’s culture. The state is also known as a land of spirituality. Also, Goa has been governed by many ancient dynasties and finds mention in mythology as well.” Further, she added, “India’s smallest state, which attained statehood on May 30, 1987, has been important for the history of India because of its reputation as a major trading centre over the centuries.”

Source: Business Standard