There were days when having uninterrupted internet connection was a dream for many, but nowadays internet connected smartphones, tabloids, laptops and desktops are a common sight; all thanks to the new technological advancements that takes place each day. With the widespread introduction of Wifi, people are at so much convenience that, it feels impossible to part ways with it, even for an hour. Earlier it was considered as a luxury, but today it’s one of the necessity of life, without which we become paralyzed in our own way.

Are we enslaved by the scientific progression our world leads us to? The advancements in the field of science is undoubtedly a boon for all of us till we use it judicially. Each notification grabs the attention of our conscious mind, so much so, that the rest of the world freezes for a moment. Nowadays, it has become a stimulus to which our body reacts voluntarily. But, apparently, this voluntary reflex is valid only when we are awake. Isn’t this a point to reflect upon? How many of us even care to switch off the wifi connection at night? Mostly, all of us are devoid of work during the wee hours of night. This is the time, which we keep as our own time, a time to relax and retire to bed, only to wake up refreshed the next morning. That means, we keep ourselves away from all needs of internet at night. So, technically, it becomes our duty to shut down the internet supply when not in need. Switching off the wifi helps in the following ways :

Reduces electricity consumption.

It becomes easy for us to avoid the menace in forms of messenger apps. When the wifi is turned on, it becomes a welcome note to unwanted conversations. This can be easily avoided.

Increases productivity. With the absence of interruptions, people can perform at their best. The constantly interfering messages and phone calls can distract or irritate a person and hence, their performance could be affected.

Wifi is nothing but a widespread range of radio wave signals. It’s a known fact that mobile networks radio wave signals, despite being lower in impact are dangerous. Similarly, very powerful internet wifi radio waves could be harmful for human health. Excessive exposure to such radiations may result in poor health conditions which we may not be even aware off right now.

Optimum use of wifi networks will help us curb our inexplicable stratospheric urge to look into our electronic devices every now and then. Setting right limitations on ourselves now, will help to prevent us from turning into mobile phone app addicts.

 Let us adopt the habit of turning off the internet supply when not in use during this lent season. Not limiting ourselves to this, let us also practice avoiding unnecessary chats and gossips. Technologies are surely meant for our betterment. Make it a point to use it wisely and judicially.


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