In the pastoral letter on Sabhadinam, George Cardinal Alencherry, the head of the Syro Malabar Church, engrossed on the need of strengthening our witness to Jesus Christ in today’s world.  The letter also focused on feast of Dukhrana of St. Thomas, celebrated on 3rd July, along with which the Silver Jubilee celebration of the Syro-Malabar Church to the Major Archiepiscopal is designated.

George Cardinal Alencherry conveyed that the true purpose behind the feast of dukhrana is to strengthen our witness to Jesus Christ, our Lord. Jesus Christ is the corner stone and the backbone of the Church and thus Church is the body of Christ. He added that ,the sufferings which the Christians in the society faces is a part of their true service to the Lord Almighty and need not be perplexed by it. Everyone is equal before the Lord and thus religious conversion shouldn’t be a matter of concern when it comes to faith. Our evangelization shouldn’t be misinterpreted. The constitution of India declares religious freedom in its article 25-28 and this promises each individual to choose and walk by their own faith.

“The celebration of Sabhadinam should revitalize the fervor of faith of St.Thomas in the sons and daughters of the Church”, says George Cardinal Alencherry. His beatitude concluded the Pastoral letter focusing on the need of faith formation and all the movements to be a supportive pillar for the same.

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