The 21st century people are the citizens of the digital world. The major USP of today’s generation is that we are connected globally over the internet. As days pass by, more and more functions are inclined towards digitization – be it business, shopping, communications, payments etc. “Digital India” is what our nation is striving towards.  At the same time, there is a tremendous encouragement from the Universal Church to “Go Digital”. With this in mind our Diocese too has adopted the idea of going digital, and has accepted that the evangelization in today’s day and age can be majorly over the internet and media.

Keeping this in mind, KMC, the Media Apostolate of Kalyan Diocese has introduced “DioCom”, to celebrate the Diocesan Communication Day. DioCom, as the names suggests refers to Diocese Communication. At the same time, Dio in Italian means, God. Therefore the word DioCom means ‘God Communicates’. In our Eparchy the mission of KMC is not just being a platform to spread the news, but we are using this platform to educate the members of our church about various media and internet related functions. Thus transmitting hope and trust through media is taken up as one of the missions by the Kalyan Media Cell (KMC).

In connection to DioCom, from the 23rd of July, 2017, the volunteers of KMC would visit each parish of the Eparchy to educate the members about a very important concept of Safe Digital Banking. We know that many of us use online mediums for transactions, & at the same time many are skeptical of using it because of lack of knowledge. Therefore we consider it to be only fare to use this opportunity to create more awareness about Digital Banking and ways to safeguard yourself against scams and frauds.

DioCom – At your Church. By KMC, for You!
Do not miss this opportunity to be learn more about Safe Digital Banking.


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