Electricity is considered to be one of the greatest invention by mankind. The gift of electricity should be cherished not only by us, but also by the generations to come. It is a known fact that the conventional sources of electricity is varied, however, we also need to acknowledge the fact that all of them are limited. Excessive consumption of electricity can lead to the depletion of many vital fossils and resources, which could have been used for further productive purposes. The only way to prevent the loss is to conserve the gift we have received. So what can we do from this Lent onwards to conserve electricity?

  1. When you enter a room or a classroom, switch on only those electrical appliances that are required. This holds truer in a large classroom where there are many fans and lights.
  2. The next thing we can try and do is avoid keeping our appliances on standby mode.

When the work is done, switch off !!!

Most of us keep our TV sets, WiFi routers, chargers etc switched on even when not in use (specially night time).

  1. We should also avoid putting our mobile phones on charge overnight.
  2. Another way to conserve energy is, to replace old appliances, tube-lights & bulbs with newer energy efficient ones.
  3. Maintenance of household wiring, main plug points & switches are as important as the update of mobile applications. Old wiring systems leads to the excessive use of electricity.
  4. Each household should take keen interest in consulting an experienced electrician and repairing faulty plugs, switches & electricity supply wires as and when required. This will help in reducing the units of power consumption.

A little care from our side would encourage the future generations to handle the resources judicially. We have to be torchbearers and should show the best possible way of energy consumption. Being Christians, we are expected to understand the value of all the resources provided to us. It shouldn’t be neglected that every abundant resource could soon come to an end. Till then it is our responsibility to use it wisely and efficiently. So, let us take an oath this Lent, that we will use electricity in the most efficient way possible.

With inputs from Ancy Albert


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