His Excellency Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas SFX, CBCI Secretary General, conveyed the importance of communication in the world. The Bishop was addressing the gathering in the inaugural Mass Sermon and the inaugural talk in the National Seminar of CBCI- OSC Secretaries & Diocesan Communication Directors organized in Varanasi.

The CBCI Secretary General emphasized on the significance of communication while reminding that without communication, the world will reach nowhere. He highlighted that when we do not communicate, we give space for others and urged the audience to speak the truth for a harmonious world. His Grace Bishop Mascarenhas lamented that communication has to be based on one’s conviction and commitment to the Church.

The main theme of the seminar is “Reinvent Reconnect Reach out” and  the focus will be to light the rays on “Fake News v/s Good News. Unity in Diversity for a Mission of Mercy and Witness”. The meeting will also give importance to discuss various issues pertaining to each diocese.


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