Pala: The miracle boy that raised the first saint of the Catholic Church in India, Alphonsa, is now a theology student today. The boy, who was miraculously healed at the age of just two through the intercession of St. Alphonsa, is studying theology under the diocese of Pala. Born on November 13, 1999, with a birth defect, baby Jinil received a miraculous cure.

Jinil, the son of Shaji and Lizzy, was born in the Kuruppanthara creek with two legs bent inwards. Several doctors were approached but the treatment was not effective. Then at the behest of their parish priest Fr. Joseph Vallompura, the parents came to power and laid Jinil on Alphonsa’s grave to pray. They spent four hours in prayer and returned.

They went to their mother’s house in Kapumthala. During the evening prayer, they laid the baby on the floor and prayed. Suddenly the boy got up and walked around the room. Everyone who saw it wept with joy. When the parents looked, they saw that both the child’s feet were straight and right. The healing he received on the same day that he had prayed through the intercession of St. Alphonsa literally shocked his parents, relatives, and neighbors. Pointing to the picture of Alphonsa in the child’s prayer room, he said, “This Annanamma, Annanamma” (Alphonsa) is leading me. 

The naming court, set up in the diocese of Pala to confirm the miracle, took evidence from 40 witnesses and 12 doctors. Alphonsa’s canonization was finalized after the Vatican’s Medical Council, Theological Council and the Council of Cardinals approved the cure. On October 12, 2008, Pope Benedict XVI canonized Alphonsa at St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.

Jinil was also fortunate enough to attend the proclamation of the Holy See. Brother George, who is currently preparing for further studies at Kannur Kunnoth Major Seminary, is waiting with prayer to offer Holy Mass at the tomb of Alphonsa, who caused his life-changing intercession.


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