The most number of people lining up in numbers these days are either at the gyms or at the dietician’s clinic. Reason: they feel bad about their bodies. By the time, they realize that things have gone out of hand, it is too late !!! However it is never too late to mend your ways, not only for the betterment of one’s health but also for the environment.

Over the years, man has become lazier. He was found easier ways to do things which would exert minimum amount of labour. However, this Lent, let us try to be more sensitive towards our own health as well as the society.

  • Substitute lifts/elevators with stairs: Elevators work on electricity. Electricity is harnessed using thermal power which emits a lot off heat into the atmosphere. Our one step can help in reducing the heat emission problem at least to some extent.
  • Nearby market areas, tuition’s, railway station’s, doctor’s clinic’s, friend’s place or even the church are normally within walking distance. Try not using your two-wheeler or four-wheeler or even rickshaws to cover small distances. You can help in saving emission of carbon dioxide from these vehicles.
  • Encourage people around you to walk with you as well. We are all familiar with the concept of carpooling, the same can be applied to a group of people who are headed to the same place.
  • Monitor the amount of kilometers that is covered every day, and take it up as a challenge to surpass the same with every new day. In this way, we can train yourself to reduce our vehicular dependency.

We as Christians are called to love one another. This means not only humans but also the environment. Also, not only humans we live with but also the humans that are yet to come into this world. This is the principle of sustainable living. Make this world a better place to live in not only not only for our generation but also for the next generation to come.


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