Baghdad: On June 20 and 21, Turkish Extremists bombed a town in Saxho, part of Kurdistan, which is home to Christians of the Chaldean, Syrian and Assyrian communities. Turkey has claimed that the attack was aimed at destroying the Kurdistan People’s Party’s base in Iraq. Observers, however, view President Taib Erdogan’s radical Islamic thinking as the cause of Turkey’s interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

Cardinal Louis Rafael Sacco, head of the Chaldean Church, has come under criticism for Erdogan’s stance. “The people of the area are going through a very complicated situation. They don’t understand what Erdogan’s aim is. Reports have surfaced that five citizens have died and many have lost their homes. The city of Sackhoe, home to more than 200,000 inhabitants, is also the birthplace of Cardinal Louis Rafael Sacco.

In the strategic area of ​​Sakho, during the nineties and beyond, countries including the United States and Turkey built military bases. But the Iraqi regime is unable to respond in a strong language when Turkey strikes the country’s land. The air strikes in Sackhoe and subsequent attacks in Syria and Libya point to the growth of Turkish political power. Reports have surfaced that Turkey is making significant efforts to keep West Asia as a war zone.


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