ADILABAD: There has been much talk about Mar Prince Antony Panenggad, the bishop of Adilabad, the diocese of Adilabad, who has set out to rebuild the home of a destitute family in a fire. It is now rumored that the housing was realized when a group of bishops, clergy and youths worked hard day and night. It was just this day.

The burning of an electric short circuit in May was the home of a poor man and family of Sankaraiah of Bimaram village of Mcheriyal, which belongs to the diocese of Adilabad. When the house was completely burnt, the bishop and clergymen and the young people of the parish of Mamcheri began building new houses.

The 30-member team, including four construction workers, was involved in the construction. When the bishop became a laborer rather than a commander in chief, he and his companions were inspired to finish the house fast. Shankaraiah is now thanking God and the group including Bishop for making the new house a reality.


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