Pushpa Mission Hospital working under the Syro- Malabar Diocese in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, was attacked on 12th March, 2018,  by a group of people who even behaved roughly with the working nurses in the hospital.  The attackers used harmful weapons to create conflicts that disturbed the peaceful atmosphere in the central Indian city of Ujjain. The group that came with a JCB damaged the hospital gate, generator and destroyed electricity and water supply of the hospital creating a fearful scene and troubling the patients and the staffs.

Nurses who tried to stop the attackers were harmed and beaten up brutally. The reasons for the attack is unknown. A known political party and its leader is alleged to have operated this attack. The attacks claimed that a local court has authorized them to occupy the disputed site but the Church officials have denied it by saying that the charges against them were framed under political influence.

Pushpa Mission Hospital was founded on December 1, 1974. It was a time when no healthcare facilities were available in villages and no awareness of health care programmes were present. In the beginning stages, the reverend sisters and doctors went to the villages and conducted many medical camps, supplied free medicines and tried to make them aware of the importance of health and dignity of human life. Let us pray for the Church officials and the hospital authorities and stand together in prayers against the increasing religious persecutions in the country.