By Veggie Culture we mean the general cultivation of plants for its edible parts. The best diet for an individual comprises of fresh vegetables and fruits. Since time immemorial, vegetables have proved to be the secret behind the health and fitness of our ancestors. But in today’s world, people have started choosing quantity over quality. The use of insecticides and pesticides have reduced the nutrition content of the food we eat. This causes human health to deteriorate drastically resulting in severe loss to human health and wealth.  To counter this situation, the best solution is to cultivate our own vegetables and fruits.

Through veggie culture we can ensure that the food we eat is full of essential nutrients that we require. Moreover, with this new practice, the use of insecticides and pesticides would also reduce to a considerable amount. The use of natural fertilizers and compost can boost growth of best crops. Veggie culture not only deals with nutrition and fitness, it also plays an important role in making the world a better place. When every family tries cultivating their respective crops, each house will become a pump house of oxygen. This will clear the atmosphere enveloping us and will spread more freshness and purity in the surroundings. On a serious note, this practice can also help in eliminating a lot of bio degradable waste that is eventually produced in every household.

As Christians, we are supposed to act in such a way that every deed of ours transforms into a help for our neighbours. Through this new revolution each individual can partake in the pious role of protecting the nature and conserving the same for the generations to come.

Remember, this world is not something that we own; it is something that we have borrowed from our future generations. So it becomes our responsibility to conserve this beautiful gift bestowed upon us.


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