Amidst the COVID 19 outbreak, many are struggling to find resources enough to sustain life. While residents across the country are staying safe at home, there is a fraction of the population who aren’t having access to essential amenities like food grains and health supplies. In order to cope up with this situation, the Karunya Trust of the Kalyan Eparchy is trying to bring good ridings to the ones in need. The COVID Distress Relief team, led by His Excellency Bishop Mar Thomas Elavanal himself, intends to pack essential materials and health supplies to the street dwellers and the ones deprived of adequate medical support during the time of the pandemic.

Even before the Pandemic was declared an emergency, the Kalyan Eparchy officials had undertaken the task of spreading awareness about COVID 19 and its possible dangers to the slum dwellers around the outskirts of the city. various classes on how to be cautious and the techniques of manufacturing their own masks and handwashes were taught. This way, the lower strata of the society were far warned about the impending danger of the crisis. Following the announcement of COVID 19 as a global emergency, the relief team under the Karunya Trust of Kalyan Eparchy concentrated more on giving access to food and medical supplies to the underprivileged.

The Charity for the social good was possible through the help of many parishes under the diocese. Physically and fiscally, the faithful of the Eparchy has come together, to keep the wheel running. The Karunya Trust has patterned with the Bombay Municipal Corporation for the execution of the community kitchens. The emotional, spiritual and above all, the physical support of the Bishop has helped the team to stay put on the mission so far. Till the days of Pandemic, the Relief team of the Diocese would roll the mission of providing food and necessities to the one in need.


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