PARIS: The famous bells of the church have once again sounded on the first anniversary of the burning of the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The church’s Bordon bells rang at 8 pm on Wednesday, the anniversary of the fire. After a year, the French people turned to the rare opportunity to pay homage to the church’s rebuilding and to those who fought against the Corona.

The three men posed for five minutes, wearing special protective clothing, to protect themselves from the poisonous substance following the fire. When the bells rang, the people of Paris greeted the people on the balconies of their home and from the windows, remembering those serving in the medical field serving the coroners. For the first time since the fire on April 15, 2019, this giant bell is ringing.

The 850-year-old cathedral’s roof and towers were burned in a fire that shocked the world. French President Macron has stated that the restoration of the shrine will symbolize the restoration of the French people in the face of severe crises. World leaders, including Pope Francis, have been mourning the loss of the French people in the wake of the burning of the Temple.


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