Fr. Franklin Joseph, Director of Kalyan Media Cell (KMC), Eparchy of Kalyan, while reflecting on His Holiness Pope Francis’ monthly intention for December urged the faithful to follow the language of God’s love to the world. The December prayer intention of the Pontiff is: ‘In the Service of the Transmission of the Faith- That people who are involved in the service and transmission of faith may find in their dialogue with culture, a language suited to the conditions of the recent time.’ Fr. Franklin was addressing the faithful through ‘Derek’, a spiritual video initiative of Catholic Focus YouTube channel of KMC.

Fr. Franklin Joseph remarked that “Today all of us are facing in one way or the other the problems of insecurity, social discrimination, emotional imbalance and so on. How can one transmit the faith into this humanity? The answer is life of God itself. God has shown us His love by sending His only Son to the humanity. Yes, the Christmas is a reminder for us, ‘Emmanuel- God is with us’. Jesus is the living proof of His love. The language of love was spoken by Jesus through His merciful words and deeds.” Further, he added, “Be with Jesus and be with one another. In today’s world, we think many things, we plan about it, we decide to do them, but do we take an action? Let this Christmas season be a time for action by showing small gestures and making small opportunities to create delight in other people’s lives. As a responsible faithful who is entitled for mission of spreading faith, let us follow this language of God’s love to the society where we are living.”

The word Derekh derived from Hebrew means ‘Way’. The video series is considered as a spiritual media initiative to help the faithful have the right knowledge and approach towards His Holiness Pope Francis’ monthly prayer intentions. Derekh not only focuses to provide the viewers with monthly prayer intentions but also helps them to reflect and meditate on these spiritual messages.