“You were like wandering sheep, but now you have returned to your Shepherd and Overseer” (1 Peter 2:25).

We do all remedial works for the dead and pray for our dead forefathers. But do we ever remember the spirits of dead priests? 
We must never forget that these clergymen are the ones who have dedicated their souls to God in our lifetime and after our death. In our prayers, we can recall every clergyman who has bestowed on us the gifts of God through sacraments and prayers. Prayers may be prayed for and cleansed, especially for those who have been separated from the earth due to death.

“Each one of us can do many things to save the souls of the dead clergy. At the same time, they can help us with our various needs. In both cases, there is an exchange of prayers.” There is no one to pray for the priests. Pray to the eternal priest, Jesus, to lead the souls of all priests to heaven. They will be with you at your death.


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