Kerala Catholic Youth Movement (KCYM) expressed their disappointment and protests over the murder of Madhu, a 30-year-old tribal man from Kerala’s Attappadi region who was beaten to death by a mob claiming him as a thief. KCYM urged the government to give exemplary punishments to the criminals in the case and mourned on the death of Madhu by pointing the incident as an evil one which shouldn’t have happened especially in a state which is credited as the highest literacy one in the country.

As reported by, KCYM stated that “This incident which has pulled back Kerala from its progressing graph is really a shameful thing. In a state like Kerala, this evil incident will always be a black mark that can never be erased. Such cruel acts against human lives can never be tolerated.” The Movement demanded a proper and immediate action on this issue and asked the government to provide proper facilities to the tribal population in the state.

An urgent meeting to protest and discuss this brutal murder of Madhu was held under the guidance of State President of KCYM, Emmanuel Michael.