The much awaited SIGNIS India National Seminar is scheduled to be held from 20th to 22nd February at the Don Bosco College of Arts and Science- Citadel, Chennai. The theme for the seminar is ‘Communicating Hope and Trust in Our Times’.

SIGNIS or World Catholic Association for Communication is an organization established in 2001 to represent the Catholic Church in all organizations and institutions. It lobbies for policies to encourage communication respecting Christian values. SIGNIS goes beyond propagation of faith, it encourages people to critically interpret all media content. SIGNIS, therefore, sets up juried to GI to film festivals and help develop the communication infrastructure. Ahead of the start off of events at Chennai, here’s what you have to know about SIGNIS and the Seminar.

The national seminar’s theme essentially conveys its significance. In the midst of tensions, that are largely communal in nature, the event serves to remind the Indian population and encourage them to use the media not merely for expression of dissent but to also consume Hope and Faith stories. There is Holy Mass scheduled for the beginning of each of the three days. After the obligatory addresses, on the first day, there will be an introduction to Chennai, and also to the seminar , followed by a Keynote address by the founder of Asianet, Mr. Sashi Kumar. There will be two panel discussions, on the same day, enabling us to view two perspectives, of the scholars and the students, on Media and Hope & Faith stories. On the second day, the seminar will bring forward experts to talk about tactics of sharing successfully Hope and Faith stories in mainstream media.The third day is a purely business day for SIGNIS.


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