Wastage of food isn’t just insensitive and a sin when a huge part of the world’s population is dying of hunger, it is also a contributing factor to greenhouse gases and carbon emissions. Studies on climate change and it’s co-relation to food have revealed that wastage of food is a big emitter of greenhouse gases. The food which reaches our tables undergoes a lot of processing and a lot of energy goes into its production, harvesting, transporting, preservation in cold storage and packaging. Wasting this food is effectively bringing to naught all the energy wasted on it.

Practicing these simple things in our daily choices can reduce our Carbon footprint.

1) Be careful while buying your groceries and only buy a supply for a week at a time, so that it doesn’t become stale and unfit for consumption.

2) Be careful of how much food you serve on your plate, take only what you are sure you will consume.

3) Use leftovers to create new dishes to prevent wastage of food or make sure to give it to someone who is in need and more thankful for the food you were careless about.


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