In our childhood, we are always disciplined by our parents. Though it wasn’t appreciable for us, that was the reason for our well being. In our childhood, we used to observe how our parents keep everything in order and intact. From cooking, folding clothes till even paying bills. One major quality we missed to observe is how they used to manage wastes. During our childhood, we rarely faced the danger of pollution and global warming. Nowadays this is what always haunt us giving early alarms of health deterioration.

Why? Why are we facing this major issue? The important factor is lack of discipline. Over the time when we grow up, we forget those practices of waste management which our parents used to do. It isn’t that difficult. Here giving some methods of waste management.

  1. While throwing away the waste segregate between dry and wet waste. This segregation would help you to treat the waste accordingly. For , Wet waste could be good manure for the plants.
  2. Prefer cloth bags over plastic bags while going shopping. Use of plastic bags increases the risk of pollution.
  3. Store leftover foods in reusable containers rather than accumulating in plastic bags.
  4. Buy fruits and vegetables which are not packaged in plastics.

Small steps make a big difference. These simple steps could help in managing waste to a large extent. We should always remember one important thing. Our previous generation could preserve this environment very well due to which we are living. We need to follow the same and be responsible. Let’s not make the coming generation suffer.The easiest way to make this possible is to always think that the nature that we are living in is not our’s or made by us..It is an ultimate gift from our Almighty God..So, use it wisely and live with peace and harmony with others.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
—Margaret Mead



Written by: Lima Thomas