People live in the city, going about their daily grind in the concrete jungle. Lack of open spaces seems to be the norm. There’s hardly any green cover in the cities. We travel to far away places just to enjoy the greenery and the bounty of nature. Many complain about the lack of dirt ground available to do any sort of farming. Well, you can recreate your minor version of the bountiful paradise in your homes through ‘Indoor farming’.

With citizens becoming gradually aware and environmentally conscious, indoor farming is taking up roots in many of the households and commercial spaces. Two ways to about it are container farming and hydroponic farming. Hydroponic farming involves using nutrients essential for growth of plants in water-based solvent i.e., it is soil free, widely used for vertical farming. A cheaper alternative is to cultivate plants in containers such as pots, bottles and jars. This presents an opportunity to reuse those old containers lying around the house rather than dumping them in the landfills.

Herbs essential for cooking can be grown in the kitchen itself. Air purifying plants are a greener and cheaper alternative than spending on fancy air purifiers. For those who complain they do not possess a green thumb, a simple online search of “plants that are hard to kill” presents many varieties to choose from. Terrariums are a wonderful option to explore indoor gardening. They require initial care and are known to survive for many decades without additional watering.

Simply having the presence of plants in the workspace or homes is known to elevate the moods of an individual, reduce stress and help in increasing concentration and memory. A little love and care for these plants come with benefits waiting to be harvested. Indoor farming presents an opportunity to save our health in whatever way possible from the polluted environment we have immersed ourselves in.