He regarded the humility of his servant, for then all the generations will call me the blessed” (Lk 1:48).

According to tradition derived from certain apocryphal writings the Saints Anne and Joachim, parents of Mother Mary were grief-stricken for a long time without children. After long and intense fastings and prayers God blessed them with a holy child. That’s The birth of the holy virgin.

The birth of the Holy Virgin gave the world the greatest hope. The birth of the Holy Virgin, marked the beginning of the great cause. The heavens too were happy. She is the beloved daughter of God, her father, she is the Holy Mother of the true God, and the Bride of the Holy Spirit. If we have true devotion towards the Divine Holy Virgin Mother Mary, our life, in the midst of all our problems, would be abundantly blessed with joy, courage and hope. So, let us immerse ourselves with true devotion to The Divine Holy Virgin Mother Mary in our hearts, lives and families.

The Holy Virgin Mother was chosen for a cause. The incarnation of the Messiah was to save the humans and humanity. But for the incarnation the consent of a virgin from the human race was essential and thus Holy Virgin Mary was blessed with and chosen for the cause… Thus, she is the Holy Divine Virgin.


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