Today is the 12th day of the feast of the Holy Mother of Guadalupe. The Holy Virgin Mary deepened the Christian faith among the Mexican and American peoples by the appearance of the Mexican farmer, Juan Diego, 500 years ago. The emergence of the world-renowned Holy Mother as ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe’ has given many years of hope and trust to Latin American countries and Catholics around the world.

The Holy Mother gives the vision to the farmer Juan Diego in 1531. Juan Diego was an indigenous farmer who converted from the Aztec tribe to the Catholic faith. Juan Diego’s life as a farmer was miserable. The Holy Mother appeared to Juan Diego in the mountains of Tepecca as he was traveling from his hometown to Mexico City. The Holy Mother expressed her love for the people in her special visit. The Holy Mother suggested that a place of worship should be built on the site. Juan soon went to the bishop and reported all these things. But Bishop Juan’s words were not believed. The bishop was asked to come up with some proof to believe what he saw.

His next vision was on December 12th. Juan told the Holy Mother that the bishop wanted proof. The Holy Mother asked Juan to collect the special kind of flowers on the hill. Usually, those flowers were not what was found there, and then it was not the time when the flowers were blooming. Juan came to the palace to collect the miracles in his cheap coat and show the bishop. As he spread his coat, the roses fell to the floor, spreading a delicate fragrance. The image of the Holy Mother was miraculously inscribed in the same shape as Juan’s where the flowers were placed in his shirt.

The repentant bishop confessed his error. This image is popularly known as ‘Holy Mother of Guadeloupe’. It is noteworthy that, in the centuries that followed, some amazing and unexplained features were discovered in the portrait of the ‘Holy Mother of Guadalupe’.

The image of the mother of four of the Holy Guadalupe still amazing facts

1) The men are unable to capture

It is very lightweight and difficult to wear with a rough surface. It is not possible to paint a picture that will last for a long time. However, the image of the Holy Mother in this cloth has been around for ages. Scientists who have examined it have confirmed that no techniques were used on the fabric. Touching the surface of the mother’s image on the cloth feels like touching the silk, but the whole image of the Holy Mother remains rough.

Scientists who have been experimenting with infrared photography since the 1970s say that there are no brush marks. In other words, the whole picture is covered in cloth. Dr. Brian is a bio-physician at the University of Florida. This amazing thing was invented by Philip Callahan. He says that the composition and color of the Holy Mother’s skin cannot be imitated by anyone:

“The color of the image has been found to vary slightly depending on the angles a person is looking at so that its colors are not made from animal or any mineral elements. Raises unanswered questions ”. Dr. These are the words of Philip Callahan.

2) The image survives on time and quality.

This is one of the main accusations raised by those who question the credibility of the film. But there have often been attempts to make duplicate copies of the image, and the original image has never been blurred. At the same time, its copies have been destroyed for some time.

The most famous three copies were made by Miguel Cabrera, an 18th-century painter. He kept one for himself, one for the bishop, one for the pope, and one for making copies. He once said of the difficulty of making copies even in the best surfaces.

“If a very talented artist tries to replicate this sacred image on the cheap canvas with the four types of paintings available, I believe that after a lot of hard work the artist has to admit that he has failed. This is evident from the many copies made of varnish. ”

Dr. Kapoor, a physicist, and researcher at the National University of Mexico said the unique feature is that it has been damaged for longer than countless copies. Adolfo Orozco responded. He made a copy of it in 1789, using the finest technology available at the time. It was wrapped in a glass shield and placed near the original garment. It was lovely to see it immediately after the painting. But after 8 years, the heat and heat of Mecca have diminished and its yarns have faded and the yarn has broken.

But the fact that the image of the Holy Mother existed without any protection and without any damage is no explanation to science, says Dr. Said Adolfo Orozco. Despite the infrared and ultraviolet rays, the image of the sun and the hot, salty air around the shrine was nothing.

3) The appearance of the garment shows the characteristics of a human body.

The scientific community was really puzzled by this discovery. In 1979, when Dr. Callahan examined the image of the Holy Mother in clothing using infrared technology, he found something surprising, and this cloth always maintains the same temperature. That is, it always maintains the same temperature of a living human body, 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (36.6-37 degrees Celsius).

The Mexican gynecologist Dr. When Carlos Fernandez de Castillo examined the image of the Holy Mother in costume, he noticed a flower with four petals near his mother’s womb. The Aztecs called the flower ‘Nahui Olin’, a symbol of the sun and prosperity. Upon further examination, the mother’s body size was compared to that of a woman who had just given birth. Castillo found out.

And 4) remain indestructible.

Over the centuries, the film has had to face two very different events. In 1785, an employee accidentally cleaned the pile of paint, and accidentally dropped a large chunk of the solution containing 50% nitric acid. The image and the rest of it was burned down. But within 30 days it was restored. The garment is perfectly safe, except for a few spots on areas where the Holy Mother is not.

In 1921, a man engaged in anti-clerical activity put a bomb containing 29 dynamite sticks in a flowering pot of roses and placed it in front of the portrait of the Holy Mother. The blast blew up the windows, about 150 meters from the blast site. But this image and its envelope remained intact.

The Catholic Church declared Juan Diego a saint in 2002, after receiving a vision from the Mother of God. The image of her mother in Guadeloupe stands as a great testimony to the world today. It remains a fact that neither scientist nor atheist can answer.


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