God made man for a mission. In addition to the natural goodness, man has been showered with divine life thru divine blessings and gifts. God’s gift to the adoptive parents was not simply personal. But the divine project was that they should receive such gifts from their descendants forever. But when they sinned, the early parents lost this divine gift. And we are partakers of their sin.

The sins of our ancestors, we have inherited by birth. In the paranormal sense, the natural sin inherited by birth cannot be considered as sin of us. The unhappiness of the soul is the grievous thing that happened to us, because of the sin of Adam, who was transformed into mankind.

It is evident from the holy books that all human beings are born with this sin. “If, by the sin of a man, death takes controls due to the man, those who received the grace, justice and the blessings of the Lord, they should reign in the name of Jesus Christ” (Romans 5:17).

Evidences in the holy books is clear that the Holy Mother is ambivalent. “I will put enmity between you and the woman and your offspring and her offspring, and she will bruise your head” (Acts 3:15) these words and the greetings of the angel Gabriel are evidences of the divine virgin. God the Father, jewelled mother Mary with unique gifts. And Mary by birth was found with all blessing and jewelled with unique gifts.

In 1854, the Pope Pius XII declared the transcendence of the Holy Virgin as a believable truth. In 1856, the Virgin Mary appeared in the Lourdes and said, “I am begging.” It was a challenge to the doctrine of the 19th century.

In our everyday life there are circumstances of sins and accidents. We the dear children of the Holy Mother, each of us should be proud of the pure divine virgin and lead the sinless life. We are relieved of our inherited sins through baptisms. But we need to get relieved of all our sins that we accumulated thru different means. We need to be relieved from our sins with the help & blessings of the almighty and This could only be attained through Our Divine Virgin Mother Mary as the mediator with the Lord…


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