Hundreds of Catholics in Mumbai protested outside the Infant Jesus Church and the Koliwada Municipal School in Jogeshwari, close to the Western Express Highway, the two schools which were declared ‘slum structured’ by the civic body. The protest against the two city schools was held on 11th November, 2017, and the protesters demanded to remove the names of these schools from the proposed SRA scheme list.

As reported by, Godfrey Pimenta, the person who organized the protest stressed that “Under no structure of imagination can they (these schools) can be called as slum because as per their own definition, a slum is a structure that requires improvement and lacks basic civic amenities.” Further, he added, “The two schools have several children studying in them and the BMC officer has in fact even suggested the schools be relocated.”

It is said that the authorities while issuing the Letter of Intent declared these two city schools as slums. Godfrey Pimenta even negotiated that “Can schools that are made of RCC structures be called as slums?”