The greatest gift to humankind, one may often think of it to be either intelligence, compassion or even the power to love but what sets us human beings apart from any other species is the power to forgive. The importance of forgiveness may be taught in every religion but this lesson is the crux of Christianity and the most integrated value in every Christian.

There have been innumerable stories of where the power of love and forgiveness by a Christian as transformed the hearts of the people. One such case all Catholics proudly uphold is the story of Sr. Rani Maria, where her family forgave her murderer. The story of how she was brutally murdered shook people but what shook people beyond their belief was her family’s humble step of visiting her murderer and forgiving him of his crime. As a true and humble Christian Family, they went against their natural inclination of the feeling of hurt and anger and let go of the offense done by the murderer – Samundar Singh and accepted him with open arms.

With forgiveness, they brought in no lingering thoughts or sores that are left to cause pain later. The wound that existed once has been healed. Through her life, Sr Rani Maria proclaimed the goodness of Jesus, and with her death, her family proclaimed the greatest teaching of Jesus – love and forgiveness.

To forgive willingly, on our own, without being forced can help us to be part of God’s greatest gift ‘mercy’ which is for us to receive and share.


  • Written by: Rashmi