California: People who have pledged to read the Bible for more than the New Year with dusting their hands to remember the sacred texts they read. In an interview with Fox News, Tom Mayer, a professor at St. Reddy’s College in Redding, California, who has memorized more than twenty books of the Bible, shared these tips. Meyer says that we can choose to read a portion of the Bible that relates to the area we want to improve in our lives. He suggested the three simple words that, once the Word of God had been chosen, would be remembered.

Meyer’s dustbins are reading, listening and writing. Meyer’s first crush is to read the same sentence over and over again. The second trick he suggested was to listen to the same phrase multiple times using a CD player, any app or recording device. Third, he says that he wants to study the Bible. You need to memorize not more than eight words in a row, but multiple lines. Meyer also suggested that we continue to think about what has been done.

He warned them that if they did not use what they had learned, they would be forgotten. Meyer says the Bible is better for the eyes than the eyes. With the world’s leading Christian leaders and organizations declaring the New Year as a year of the Bible, the mayor’s suggestions are expected to help those who rely on the Bible. He was given the nickname “Bible Memory Man” by Ken Ham, head of the Kentucky Creation Museum, where Meyer was the guest speaker. “In all things give thanks. This is God’s will for you in Jesus Christ ”(1 Thessalonians 5:18).


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