Washington, DC – The March for Life Rally, the world’s largest pro-life march, will be held in Washington on January 24. The band from Ireland, called “VR Messengers”, is coming to the rally for the rally, which begins at 11 am at the Washington Monument. The theme of this year’s rally is “Life Empowers: Pro-Life is Pro-Women”. It is estimated that millions will participate this year in the March for Life, which proclaims that the key is to hold on to and preserve life.

Washington, D.C., Against Abortion The March for Life is a yearly protest rally held in the United States. The rally is being organized in cooperation with the Defense Fund and the March for Education. US President Donald Trump has addressed the rally in recent years. Trump is regarded as the president who holds the most pro-life views in American history. Vice President Mike Pence is a world-renowned leader who has consistently raised his voice against abortion.


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