Beirut: A Catholic clergyman is requesting the spiritual and material adoption of Christian refugee families living in Lebanon who are going through a severe financial crisis. Fr. Chairperson of St. Rafka Mission of Hope and Mercy, a Christian NGO. Andrea Sebastian Mahana has appealed for the adoption of Christian families for Christmas.

About 2 million Syrian refugees live in Lebanon. On December 14, Fr. Organized by Mahana. They also handed out Christmas gifts to 2,500 children. For $ 50, a family can be adopted. Doing so will help people until the political and refugee crisis is over.

He said families should symbolically adopt prayers and support. He called for international intervention to ensure stability in the country and prayed for the existence of Lebanon as a model of co-operation between all religious groups. Today Lebanon is going through a severe financial crisis. The plight of the Christian minorities in the country is appalling.


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