Rome: Congratulations to Pope Francis for his efforts to promote world peace. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Gutierrez has revealed that the Pope has contributed a lot to the UN’s efforts to restore peace. In an interview with the Italian daily La Stampa in advance of his Vatican visit, Gutierrez praised the pope’s efforts for peace. Gutierrez also announced that he will meet with Papa during his visit to Italy.

Pope Francis will discuss issues such as climate crisis, poverty, inequality, refugee protection, and disarmament, and he is a voice on these issues. Through his work, the Pope has been helping to achieve his goals of sustainable development, climate change, and cultural and peace restoration. He said that he would discuss with the pope internationally the violation of religious freedom and that he had devised two works to protect the sacred sites and uphold the rights of religious freedom.

Many of the agreements on disarmament during the Cold War period are being abolished. Gutierrez said nuclear weapons testing poses a new threat in North-East Asia and the Middle East, and that the challenge should be prevented. He also shared concerns that the techno-trade war between the US and China would result in the creation of two sub-worlds. He ended his interview by stating that the United Nations cannot be reformed without the reform of the Security Council.


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