Caracas: Venezuelan doctor Jos Gregorio Hernandez has been honored as he has treated hundreds of poor people for free and fought the Spanish flu epidemic until the end of his life. A man who, despite his two failed attempts to become a clergyman, is now being promoted to the status of a ‘blessed’. Many people, including Jews, Protestants and non-believers, have already begun to seek intercession for their respective needs of cure, Hernandez’s press appeal.

Dr Hernandez lived in the remote town of Mount Andes. He returned to the capital to study medicine and completed his studies in 1888. He returned to Paris with a scholarship and studied expertise in bacteriology and pathological anatomy. Although the 1818 Spanish flu epidemic was limited, he continued to work day and night for the poor.

He miraculously saved many people from the brink of death. He entered the seminary in 1909 on an Italian expedition but had to return due to health problems. Later, in 1913, he tried again, but failed. In 1919, Dr. Hernandez was involved in a car accident resulting in his death. Last year, the Congregation for the Naming of the Saints of the Vatican began to study the miracles in the name of the doctor.


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