Madison: The Madison Diocese of Wisconsin condemns the destruction of sacred images in the United States under the cover of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests. In a statement issued on June 23, Bishop Donald Hying said he could not be silent against the destruction of the image of Jesus, the Virgin Mary and the saints. The BLM activist, Shaun King, has called for the destruction of the image of Jesus, his mother and the saints, claiming to represent the sovereignty of white people.

‘Don’t you want to keep such images in museums?’ The Bishop asked the question. The bishop raised the question of how our history can be learned, and if George Washington’s statue is destroyed, would it be better for our nation if the perpetrators were allowed to destroy the nation’s historic monuments and replicas in the name of anger? He cited the example of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and the black Jesus of African art, and reminded the bishop that he represented them in their culture and color, claiming to belong to every nation, culture, race, class.

The Bishop said that the Catholic faith is full of European culture, which is a misconception by some. The bishop’s statement ends with a reminder that the symbols of Jesus are sacred to Christians and the manifestation and proximity of God’s love. In Madison, protesters broke the image of Hans Christian Hegg, who fought against slave traders, and the appearance of St. Juniper’s in Golden Gate Park.


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