VATICAN CITY: The Vatican has issued a new decree declaring a special prayer service for those who are infected with coronavirus and those who serve them. In a release, the Vatican Apostolic said that those who are suffering from the disease and who are unable to leave home will be able to get a general leniency without participating in the sacrament of confession. In his Apostolic Penitentiary note, the clergyman confessed that the forgiveness of sins is important for the forgiveness of sins, but that in “serious circumstances” other means may be sought.

In another decree, the Apostolic Penitentiary explained that those infected with the coronavirus, those who care for them, those who pray for them, and those who live in Quarantine can receive special prayers. The release notes that in areas where the epidemic is most prevalent, it is possible to release public detention according to norms until the condition prevails. The bishop of the diocese can decide if there is a serious situation that needs public amnesty, in order to save mankind and the scale of the epidemic in the diocese.

The decree also outlines the precautions that the clergy and believers should take in the event of a confession. Warnings such as confession in the airspace and the wearing of masks by the clergy and believers must be taken. It is also suggested that those standing nearby should take caution not to listen to the confession. The Apostolic Penitentiary made it clear that when the circumstance of confession is reached, the forgiveness of sins, even with the open conscience of the immediate confession, is forgiven.


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