LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the reopening of churches that have been closed as part of Covid 19 regulations in England, including for weddings. The number of participants in marriage rituals is limited to thirty. The British prime minister made the announcement amid a statement by the House of Representatives on the lockdown concessions.

“Many people know that they are saddened by the closure of places of worship. This year the Passover, Easter and Eid celebrations were all on lockdown. Therefore, I am happy to be able to reopen the shrines for prayer and alternate services, including for weddings not more than 30 people. Everyone should keep social distance ”. According to Boris Johnson’s announcement. The social distance is reduced from two meters to one meter or more.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols, head of the Church of England and Wales and chairman of the Archdiocese of Westminster, has welcomed the announcement of the British Prime Minister. Danny Webster, a spokesman for the UK Evangelical Alliance, welcomed the announcement, but said some questions remain unanswered. In his announcement, Boris Johnson said that the choir, orchestra and theatricals of the temple would soon begin. The Holy Mass has been excommunicated with the participation of the public in the churches in the UK since Friday 20 March.


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