KCBC President and Archbishop of Syro-Malabar, Cardinal Mar George Alencherry, has said that it is a time when the evils of abortion, suicide, murder, and euthanasia are spreading in the world. The cardinal’s recollection was in his Gospel address at the Holy Mass, which was offered to be broadcast on the Shekinah Channel and in the media. He questioned whether the death penalty would be a solution to the crime, despite the fact that it was a serious crime.

Full text of the speech

Today is the fifth Sunday of Lent. Lord Jesus is speaking to us about life in today’s gospel. We heard the words of the Lord spoken on the seventh day of the Tabernacle. He says: ‘If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. He who believes in me, from his heart will flow streams of living water. ‘ The evangelist John records that Jesus said this about the Holy Spirit who would believe in him. In later verses, Jesus says, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness. Later, Jesus says that what he says is accompanied by God the Father. Jesus is the light of life for us.

In the letter to the Romans, we heard about the new life in Christ. Paul exhorts the Romans that we must not live for ourselves, but for our own lives. Paul states this in the fascinating account of our life in Christ in the letter to the Romans. We have heard two readings from the Old Testament. In the ninth chapter of the book of Joshua, we find Joshua showing mercy to the Gibeonites who had deceived the people of Israel and made a covenant with them, despite their hypocrisy. He gave the Israelites the job of collecting flaming water and firewood.

In the first passage, we find God comforting Hagar. Abram receives Hagar by the permission of Sarai and she becomes pregnant. But after that, the picture changed. Hagar began to despise Sarai. And Sarai dealt ill with Hagar his maid. Angered by this, Hagar fled to the wilderness. That is where God intervenes. God assures Hagar that there will be a nation through Ishmael, who will be born from her. Later in the book of Genesis, Hagar was born Ishmael and God gave Abraham Isaac the son of Sarah to Abraham.

Throughout today’s Scriptures, we see God’s work of giving life. All life is a departure from God. There are four levels of life: plant life, animal life, human life, and godly life. Plantlife and animal life originate, thrive, and end according to the order that God has assigned to nature. Human life has its share in the life of God. Every human being is created in his image and likeness.

V. In his speech on the Areopagus, Paul says: ‘In God we live; Dead; Exist ‘. The life of God, which begins in a man through the baptism, is nourished through the Holy Mass, the reception of other sacraments, and the Word of God. Thus the man who has grown up enters divine goodness through death. Dear friends, we are Christians who are fortunate to live with human life enriched by divine life.

This is a time when we need to hold on to the value of human life. Attacks against it are taking place in the world as abuses, suicide, murder, and euthanasia. Recently, the law permits the destruction of even a six-month-old fetus in our country. We must resist the serious evils of life. We have a responsibility to uphold the conscience and protect the value of life. There is also the question of whether the death penalty would be a solution to the crime, no matter how serious the crime. The Church is never in favor of the death penalty.

This is the fasting season. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the one who rose from the dead through suffering and death. He lives today. His presence is still with us today. In the event that the whole heart of humanity is affected by the coronavirus, let us submit our sufferings and death to the Lord. Let us pray to the Merciful Lord to help us personally and socially experience the resurrection.

This is a time when deep faith in God, love for our brothers, and compassionate fellowship should be illuminated. Let us join one another in all the misery and hardships that may befall us during and after this coronary disease. Yesterday, the Chief Minister announced stringent regulations. Let us all cooperate with all the directions our governments give us. Our congratulations to our doctors, nurses and other health workers.

Let me add here an observation recently shared by Pope Francis. ‘No river can drink its water. No tree eats of its fruit. The sun does not shine on it; The flowers do not spread its fragrance just for themselves. We are all created to help one another. As difficult as it may be, when we are happy, life is good for us. But when we are happy with others, our lives will be better. ‘

Dear friends, I am with you at a time when we are all suffering in many ways due to coronary disease. I am constantly praying for you. Our sorrows will turn into joy. The Light of Life, the Messiah, will shine through us. We can survive this pestilence in the fellowship of love, trusting in God. May the Merciful Lord give us strength and support.


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