Each bit of our help on the Mission Sunday helps billions of people dying because of hunger thirst. Sacrifice is something which brings peace to a human heart. It helps a nature built stronger. We have so many guiding pillars who have shown the greatness of sacrifices. The examples of St. Theresa of Calcutta and d St. Francis of Assisi are inspiring us to be a better person. They have been extra ordinary in life and have dedicated their life for the people around the world.

Every sacrifice has its own blessings. We have the greatest example in our own families, our parents. Our parents have sacrificed their happiness for us so that we may live a better life.  Our help to the people around can be in different ways; like spending time with the children’s who have no families, helping an old person to cross the road etc. Sacrifice is some which gives you inner satisfaction, that yes I have done a good deed.

Following the right paths of our parents, each Mission Sunday invites us to live our lives as a sacrifice. Each Mission Sunday reminds us to be a helping hand in the mission of the Church, especially in reaching out to the needy ones. Our financial contribution and assistance will be a great boost for the same. At the end of the day, it reminds us that, every sacrifice we do will bring us more blessings and happiness.